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The Value Of A Small Car On Modern Day Streets

May 14, 2019

Anyone that travels from Pta to Jhb or from the northern side of Johannesburg to town or from the Northern suburbs of The Mother City to the city bowl can tell you, it is sheer nightmare venturing by vehicle each day as indeed it is in the opposite direction in the evening. Travelling in a small car under these circumstances is, admittedly, no safer or less irritating than travelling in a large vehicle, but at least it will save on fuel usage and plays a role in savings on detrimental gas expulsion.
The case for big comfortable motor vehicles as pertained a decade or two ago, no longer exists. The small car, today, is as comfy in the city and as a commuter vehicle as any. They might well lack a few of the splendid luxuries that their large bros have, but who can enjoy sumptuous luxuries while having to be so cautious on the over populated commuter roads anyhow? Also the massive passenger cars are gas guzzlers and spew out masses of carbon dioxide. The maintenance expenses of these high-end sedans cost a fortune, similar to tyres as well as other consumables for these gas guzzlers. As for the debate of luxury and comfort over weekends and holidays offered by large cars, I say nonsense. If you wish to do an hour or two on the weekend do you really need to do so in an over abundance of extravagance? Many a small car has air con, fancy entertainment systems and those tiny motors these days produce amazing performance. So, is there really any powerful argument for much larger cars? No, the main argument for big cars, these days, is about prestige and showing off. It is a well-known indisputable fact that South African motorists love buying these large and expensive motor vehicles notwithstanding that we as a nation spend some 75% of our monthly earnings repaying debt, compared to the Europeans at 8%. So financially and economically there’s also a case to be made out for smaller cars rather than large motor vehicles, leaving behind our South African snobbery and avoidable competition with the Jones’.
One of the main difficulties on road use we as individuals ought to consider, is whether it is worth jeopardizing our lives to load our large car and head off for the coast or wherever, on our annual leave. A favorite argument for the justification of large cars and trucks is the fact that we need them to travel to our holiday destinations. The mortality data over holiday periods caused by road accidents, however, aren’t just shocking, but they are grotesque. These terrible accidents don’t take into account the dimensions of the car or its luxury features nor its cost. It is all the same to all motor vehicles. So, I say keep off the primary routes over holiday periods as well as over weekends (if it is preventable) and fly the family to the holiday destination and rent a small car for local driving. Using this method at least you are far less likely to become a holiday death statistic.
A small car can save you a king’s ransom in maintenance and running expenditures, they are enjoyable to drive and plenty of of them come with such luxuries that would allow you to travel in comfort. Use these cars in the city and as weekend runabouts and use air transport over holiday periods. Try and stay off the main roads at holiday periods and trade in the huge car on 2 pretty little things