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Ship Your Car Quick And Easy With Auto Transport

June 23, 2019

You are now ready to have your car shipped. Completed the papers, submitted the required documents and paid all of the fees. Still, there are some things needed to be checked before you go through your Auto Transport. Has your car alarm been turned off? Make sure you do this before the car is sent away. By doing this, you prevent your alarm from going off because of bumps or loud sounds inside the ship and from bothering the shipping crew. You have to remember that not all auto transport crew are familiar with all the alarm systems that are installed by the different car manufacturers. Do them a favor and turn the alarm off before surrendering your car for shipping. This saves time, and your car isn’t going anywhere anyway. Is your car filled up with fuel? It is preferable that your car does not have full tank when you have it shipped for safety purposes. The fuel will weigh down the vehicle and in turn the whole vessel. Leaving just enough gas for the crew to move your car in and around the terminal until it gets out for your use is sufficient. Having enough gas to get your vehicle to the next gas station is just about right. It’s enough to have a half tank of gas in the car. Avoid leaving valuables such as accessories, tool box or other personal effects inside your car. If you did, get those things off the car immediately. Your car is the only thing covered by insurance, whatever item lost is not included in the insurance. Auto shipping companies are limited to the transportation of cars and cars only. Auto transport companies are not parcel companies like UPS and FedEx. The problem with this is that if anything happens to the items or if it gets lost during transit, the shipping company is not liable for this. Is your car a convertible? If yes, make sure that you have the top on before having it shipped. You still have to have the top on even if the auto transport truck to be used is a closed one. Does your car have any leaks? The auto transport company needs to know about things like these. Special handling may be required from the shipping company if there are problems in the car your transporting. Are the tires inflated and is your battery properly charged? So it is also important that you check the condition of your tires and battery. Your car would still be moved around the terminal and it should be in proper condition for the auto transport crew to do so.