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Regular Checks That Every Car Owner Should Make

June 26, 2019

Owning a car is not something to be taken lightly, but the job is made much more manageable when you perform regular maintenance on your vehicle. Of course, all cars will require some fixing as they get older, but minor repairs should not become a major headache. By completing regular checks on your car, and taking care to replace small parts when needed, you will leave the car in the best operating condition possible. There are some regular checks that every car owner should make.
The many and various fluids found in cars are truly the lifeblood of the vehicle. The levels of all of these fluids need to be checked on a regular basis. Oil is arguably the most important fluid to check, because the engine will die without the correct levels of the viscous liquid. Using the dipstick, check that the level is at the indicated height and that it has not become too thin. The engine will freeze up and become ruined if the oil is too low or is not thick enough. Brake fluid levels must be maintained or the system will not work well, and coolant must also be flushed around once per year.
Another regular checkup should be performed on the tires. If you do not take care of them, your gas mileage and safety will suffer. Tire pressure is very important, and you can easily inspect it with a pressure gauge. Check it even if the tires appear to be adequately inflated to the naked eye. Inspect the tread on the rubber too, because even if the tires are rated for 65,000 miles, varying driving habits and road conditions can affect the life of the tire. If you notice that the tread is bare or has rounded significantly around the edges, it is time to replace it. Otherwise, you will be a hazard to yourself due to traction and blowout risks.
While you are looking at tires, be sure to check lug nut tightness. If one nut is loose, the wheel probably will not go flying across four lanes of traffic, but it can cause a slight shimmy that will prematurely wear down tire tread. Be sure that all of the car’s lights are in working order. Indicator lights, also known as turn signals, need to be inspected as do headlights, brake lights, and illuminators for the license plate. Improperly functioning turn signals are often indicated by the car itself, but it is still a good idea to perform a check on your own.
It is not a difficult process to check and preventively maintain your car. It is inexpensive and not labor intensive. Some other fluids of which to be aware are power steering and washer fluid. Your car will continue to operate in the best fashion possible as long as you make routine inspections on it. A needed repair caught early enough, though it may cost in the hundreds of dollars, is much better than letting it go and get stuck for thousands.
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