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Pimp My Ride VS Repair My Wheels

June 23, 2019

Man, I like that Xibit.

You know the bloke- that dope rap sample with the sweet dreads who rolls in massive NBA, NFL and major league tops and guffaws aloud spontaneously, reputedly unprovoked.

Oh yep, and he magically repairs dodgy wheels, as well.

Or shall I say, “pimps” “as MTV puts it.

Only on American air can your rusty Nissan (mouthed Nee-saan by X), Mazda (elocuted Maaz-da by Ish the Mexican interiors sage), or Toyota (narrated the normal way exactly as the rest of the Earth coz there’s no other way to speak it) be transformed from a ugly, spluttering dangerous rust bucket into a sparkling, hotted up chick magnet.

In 30 minutes.

Yes that’s correct. If you’re lucky enough to reside in Cali’s O.C. and own a crappy old car that’s collapsing from one too many car accidents, all you have to do to do is plead your pathetic situation to the MTV Ruling Body with your own Exhibit U for unregistered and no sooner than the opening theme song kicks in with the retro hippie graphics, Xibit will be at your front door high fiving you if you are a guy and cuddling you if ya’ll a lady. And continue cuddling you. And being all over you. And launching yourself at you.

(I must confess, he does appear indeed harmless. It’s hard to believe X is a gangsta rapper with all that that gold, bulk and ink. Reverse-turntable-needle-noise. Back the XXXX up, it all seems sensible now).

And once the delightful street rhymer owns your wheels, it’s see ya later patchy putty and howdy turbo charged up Holden “or Chevrolet, as the its badged in the States – presumably since the articulation of a three syllable European word is easier to violate than that of a dual syllable Ocker icon. Thank Heavens for that!

Not only will the team at West Coast Customs mend your ride, they’ll also make you a fresh sports body kit, spray paint an individualised colour, design some wicked artwork, recondition your whole engine, put in some sick spoiler, install a cutting edge sound system and a Playstation in the back – not to mention the 15″ LCD screens within your ashtray and the pool table that flips out of the speedometer – so you can drive and do pilates simultaneously, just like god intended.

If you are (un) fortunate enough nonetheless, to reside on this side of the Pacific, you are going to have to do a bit more calling around when sourcing a good car repair, smash repair or panel beating shop.

Most people don’t expect their “ride” to be “pimped” after a prang but they do expect their way of daily transport reliably corrected and roadworthy before the end of the month.

So long as your vehicle gets you from A to B and not X to T – Asap – I am sure you would be happy with a fair smash repairer who will get the job done without the runaround.

So if you don’t happen to live in your own idiot box or know an Afro-American rapper who’s besties with a crew of hard looking, medically phat and badly tattooed mechanics, automobile electricians and racing upholsterers, then the next-best thing is to go searching and get some figures from as many credible smash repairers as you can.
If you’ve had a crash and need your car repaired, be sure to check out dLook’s range of smash repairers, panel beaters and automotive spray painting services.